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Why Tanning Lotion?

Approved tanning lotions absorb UV Rays. Dry skin reflects UV Rays-therefore your skin will not tan to its full potential without a lotion.


It takes up to 7 minutes for your skin to START developing color. That time is brought down to 30 seconds- 1 minutes when you use a lotion.

You can get up to three times more color in just one visit by using an indoor tanning lotion.


Indoor tanning lotions have a lot of accelerators in them that help stimulate and maximize your melanin production while in the tanning bed. 



Also known as Intensifiers, are classic indoor tanning lotions that contain no bronzers.


These lotions are formulated to increase your melanin production and packed with skin care and intense moisturizers, allowing for the most natural tan.


They are well-suited for clients who want to maximize their own natural color without the use of bronzers


Similar to an accelerator lotion but with color enhancing ingredients that continue to develop your tan even after you have left the bed.

There are two main categories of bronzers: Natural and DHA 

Natural bronzers provide immediate results without streaking and staining. 

DHA bronzers are great for clients who want the “Bronzed” look to last longer than 24 hours. 


Tingles have the same accelerators but contain hot action tingle products in them that stimulate blood flow.

Tingle formulas release a sweltering heat that aids in higher concentrated oxygenated skin, which results in a faster tanning process. However, with this, tingle lotions often times cause a warming sensation, and can cause redness and itching for about an hour after your session.


For experienced tanners only!!

Legs  &  Face

Specialty lotions such as leg and face lotions are also great additions. Facial lotions are specific for the face as they provide long-lasting color, unique anti-aging and firming properties specialized just for the face, such as silicone priming benefits and intense moisturizers that don’t clog the pores.

Leg lotions help achieve maximum color on your legs while providing extreme firming, slimming and hair thinning properties, so that you can shave less often and hold color longer.

Tan Extenders

Keep your tan looking fresh for a longer duration with a tan extender.

They are recommended to use once or twice daily for best results!


These lotions are specifically formulated to nourish, rejuvenate​, protect, and hydrate your skin for a longer lasting tan! They are also formulated to help maintain the bronzers on your skin for longer periods of time compared to the everyday lotion from the general store.


These products also help your spray tan fade evenly!

Red-Light Products

These lotions are designed specifically for red-light to help erase wrinkles and increase collagen production in the skin. Used with Red-Light therapy, these products really work their magic in fighting against aging and skin damage 


Using our Hybrid bed?  We also have a variety of lotions that are specifically designed for UV and Red-Light but can be used in UV and Red-light beds separately.


Professional tanning products are only approved to be sold through professional tanning salons. When purchasing products online from an uncertified source, many times the products are counterfeit, contaminated, or expired, making them dangerous to use.

Come in today and we'll get you the right lotion for all your needs!!! 

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