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Monthly Memberships

We offer no hassle - stress free month to month memberships.  All of our memberships come with tons of benefits for our customers on top of saving money once you become a member.  We offer two different pricing options. You have the choice of a 3 or a 6-payment minimum plan that continues to draft on a monthly basis for as long as you would like to enjoy your tanning!! 

The longer you join - the better your rates will be!!  If you want to take a break from tanning or go on vacation and not pay the full fee- No problem- put your membership on hold/freeze for a month and enjoy your time away while we hold your pricing in place and wait for your return!!  Memberships are the easiest and best pricing for our long-term tanners!!

You may upgrade to a better bed for only $5 per level of increase! *Remember switching beds will give you a deeper/darker tan.   It is important to know your body can get used to the same bed and hit a plateau - We recommend that you rotate your bed to achieve the best results and get the tan you desire.


Single Sessions $10-$35

5 Sessions $35-$70

50 Minutes $45-$80

100 Minutes $80-$130

​1 week unlimited $25-$50

1 Month Unlimited $60-$100

Weekly & Monthly Plans cannot be shared

Red-Light Therapy

1 Session $12.50

5 Sessions $40

50 Minutes $50

1 Month Unlimited $70

Mystic Spray Tan

Available in Medium or Dark

1 Session $35-$40

5 Sessions $130-$180

Make it a combo for only $5/$8 more and receive a boost, scent & feet protection!

Monthly Memberships

Red Light Only $39-$49

Regular Beds $30-$35

(option to add RL for $19 more)

Power Beds $40-$50 

(option to add RL for $19 more)

Mega/Hybrid $60-$65

(includes RL)


  • Unlimited Tanning

  • Discounts on Lotions & Products

  • Lotion Punch Card for Members Only

  • Unlimited Hybrid Tanning with our Mega Bed EFT Membership

  • Option to Freeze Membership twice a year

  • Best Price Per Tan 

Cocktail Tan

1 Full Tanning session + 1 Mystic Spray any shade $45

Available in Medium or Dark. Make it a combo for only $5/$8 more and receive a boost, scent & feet protection!

All Access

$75 per month

Unlimited Access to:


Red Light Therapy

Mystic Spray Tans

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